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personal styling
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my portfolio
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Check out my interview with fellow blogger and good friend Beth Dennis!!!/2015/03/a-day-with-miss-morgan-jessup-of-mj.html

Ok girls, I have about had enough!! It’s time to STOP with the excuses and listen up!! As I reflected over this past weekend today I remembered a few comments said to me that I have heard over and over and over again and to be very honest I’m so over hearing them!! What are…

my story

Hi! I’m Morgan Jessup also known as MJ of MJ.Redefined. Fashion has always been a love of mine but before that it is people!  When I started in the fashion/ retail world 7 years ago I could not have dreamed that God would turn it into my career. I love fashion but I also believe you don’t have to spend your savings in order to feel and look amazing! You already have style… sometimes you just need a little help defining it!


“I always have fun shopping with Morgan! She makes me unafraid to try new looks or styles. She makes it easy to be me!”
-Brooke Wilson

“Morgan is amazing! She will put things together that I never would have thought up! She has a great eye and a talent for what she does. I wonder sometimes how I ever got dressed without my seasonal portfolio’s that she has put together! I can call or text her anytime I have a style question and she is always right on and so helpful. Hiring Morgan has saved me countless hours of stressing over what to wear and no telling how much money she has saved me by teaching me how to shop!”
-MaryCarole Polk

“I honestly thought that I had nothing for Morgan to work with… she literally amazed me and by all the outfits she was able to put together that I had never even dreamed of! She isn’t just a stylist she becomes your friend. She truly cares about her clients and has their best interests at heart. I have so much more confidence when I walk out of the house now because I know that anything she is going to tell me to wear is going to look good on ME. Every woman needs that one friend to give them the go ahead on a new outfit and that is what Morgan does. She inspires you to look and feel like your best you.”
-Kim Harper